Monday, September 29, 2008

Singing Lullaby Hymns

A short post from Sister Jenn (Bishop) Eardley:

"It seems like forever ago that I received my call to serve in the Australia Perth Mission, which I soon came to know as the APM.
The flight from the MTC to Perth was long and tiring.. but also exciting and spiritual as the missionaries and I were able to share a Book of Mormon with a fellow traveler.

"One of my favorite memories was that first night spent at the mission home with President and Sister Hamilton and their small children. It caught me off gaurd to hear Sister Hamilton and the children address "daddy" as "President." Years later I understand the respect they had for his calling.

"That first night in a strange place felt so at home with the Hamiltons. I clearly recall bedtime when President sat at the top of the stairs and sang Hymns to his children while they lay resting. A great example of love and devotion to his family and his calling. I look forward to hear him sing at the mission reunion. It has been too long."


The reunion is just a few days away! I know I am looking forward to seeing you all! -Brandon

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