Thursday, August 28, 2008

My shortest Companionship

This is the story of the shortest companionship I had during my service in Perth, and the many miracles Elder May and I experienced during our three weeks in the Yokine area, Dianella Ward. Prior to serving in the Dianella ward I had spent six months in the country branch of
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Our ward mission leader was the recently returned Mission President Geoffrey J. Liddicoat, who did some of the finest member missionary work I had seen on my Mission. I felt outclassed, with Elder May out 16 months, Elder Heath (our DL) was always fired up, and had high expectations.
Elder May was in a slump when we got together, but he was willing to work, and had great soft people skills that I still don’t have. This was good for me because I was a little too intense at times back in those days. Our first week together was rough, because everything Elder May had going before I came started falling apart, we weren’t having much luck finding new contacts either. That first Sunday at sacrament I got a first hand look at the size of Dianella Ward mid 1995. I think we had four companionships, plus the office couple, and the Office Elders. I can’t remember the Bishops name but I remember he was a fiery Aussie bloke, and strait shooter. I remember initially thinking he was a hard case, but found him to be a kind man. That Sunday I remember being embarrassed because most of the other companionships had investigators there. Elder May and I went to sacrament meeting with no serious investigators, and nothing going on in our area.
After meetings we walked through the gym down the hall beside the Baptismal font. I stopped in front of the font, and told Elder May “next week we will baptize in this font”. It hit me after I said it, and Elder May, and I had a good laugh knowing we had no one in our teaching pool. The week before President Jones had completed his mission, and President Hamilton had taken over. When reading my Presidents letter from that week; I explained to Pres H the work was slow, and slightly discouraging in my area right now. I must have had faith quoting Genesis 22:14 I felt the lord would provide a way, like he had for Abraham.

That Monday heavy rain greeted Elder May and I, with no prospect’s for that mornings work We tracted, and street contacted with no luck. Elder May was so tired by lunch time he walked into the bed room, and slept in his soaked pants, winter jacket, and helmet. I know Elder May was struggling at the time because I mentioned it in my Pres letters a couple of times, I never did know why, but I knew success would make him happy. I wasn’t excited to get back out in the rain after our lunch break, but today I felt different; an urgency I had felt before, kicked me in the pants. I woke up Elder May, and headed to a good street contacting area we liked to frequent. I could tell Elder May was miserable but didn’t care today because I felt the spirit move me, and needed to obey. We got to our favorite street contact area, and started talking to people. We weren’t discriminating, just using the shot gun method talking to anyone who would listen. After a ½ hour we spotted this athletic guy walking down the street, at first I hesitated, but opened my mouth anyways. I have no idea what was said but remember what he told Elder May and I, “I have been looking all over for you guys because I just wanted to talk to you”. His name was David Mullen’s, we started teaching to find as we walked, until we ended up in front of his house, where he invited us inside to finish his first discussion. We spent an additional two hours teaching David that day sharing the first, and second discussions. The spirit was strong as we testified and taught David, we asked him to pray with us right then if he should be baptized. I don’t remember the words but I remember the spirit washing over us as we listened to his humble prayer for a confirmation from the spirit. David committed to baptism that Sunday. We taught David each day that week, with the young men’s president, elders quorum president, even the bishop. I was blown out by David‘s humility, and by the response from the ward putting their arms around him.
I did stand in the baptismal font that Sunday baptizing David Mullen’s; Elder May confirmed him a member of the church, and Bishop gave him the Aaronic priesthood, and ordained him to the office of a Priest. I learned from the experience our Lord provides when we trust him, and bless’s the lives of those who participate. In no way could this have happened without all of its players, and parts. It took my tenacity, Elder May’s love, and patience, the Dianella wards stability, and warmth to bring the one soul to his Savior. After that experience both Elder May and I worked like each chance was our last chance to share the gospel. A week later Elder May was transferred.
I apologize for not remembering all the names involved in this story, especially the good people of Dianella Ward who took time to love and fellowship this young man. Id like some help remembering names, especially the name of the couple who rented the infamous Vine flat,
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Travis Hosman


Raymond May said...

Great memories and I would do it all again!!!

Elder May (Raymond)

Kevin said...

Where's the love for me.....

Elder Kevin Bailey

jomart said...
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jomart said...

Great to hear of your immediate success after your transfer from Bridgetown :)
Elder Joseph Martin